About Sloth & Squirrel

Sloth bites Squirrel

The Story of the Sloth and the Squirrel

In 2002, at a school in Texas, the Sloth found the Squirrel and together they survived the blistering heat (in more ways than one). In 2007, when architecture school was done, their small zoo (the Sloth, the Squirrel, and the Cat named Dude) moved across the country to make Portland, Oregon their cooler, rainier home.  There, the Squirrel continued to study the built environment while the Sloth tried her claws at many different things. In 2009, tragedy struck when the Sloth crashed her motorcycle and almost died. (Public Service Announcement: do not let sloths ride motorcycles!) The journey of healing was long and hard, but there were two constants: love and art.  With the Squirrel's loving encouragement, the Sloth started to formally study art in 2010. In 2015, they combined their forces, both digital and manual, to bring their art to the world!

Welcome to Sloth & Squirrel!


The Sloth

Feminist Metal Sloth

Adrian R. P. Brown

Metalsmith, multimedia artist, craftswoman, feminist, and dreamer. She spends her time in the studio creating original hand-made jewelry, small-scale sculpture, making production items for other local craftswomen while listening to podcasts, drinking lots of coffee, writing, reading, and dancing late into the night.

She has a Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) from Oregon College of Art and Craft, with a concentration in metalsmithing, (2013) and a Bachelor of Environmental Design (BED) from Texas A&M University (2007). These two disparate background fields combine in her work; she commonly explores scale, utility, sensual experience, identity, technology, location, and community.


The Squirrel

Serious Squirrel

Gabrielle A. Brown

An educator, digital designer, and urban dreamer, her designs utilize historical symbols and motifs, architectural details, and the language of mathematics to create beautiful wearable pieces of art. In addition to her design work, she also consults with artists looking to leverage digital advantages in their practices and teaches (privately and institutionally) digital design, 3D-modeling, and digital prototyping.