CoVida Mask Chain (silver-fill) (mask not included)
CoVida Mask Chain (silver-fill)

CoVida Silver Mask Chain

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So this COVID 19 thing is tough! Add a little flair to your mask-wearing (and please wear masks when you're in public!) with this mask chain. The chain is great for days/outings when you will be taking your mask on and off; it keeps your mask within reach but out of your way. Clip the chain to your mask wherever it is most comfortable for you. We suggest the outer top edge of your mask, so when it's hanging around your neck, the mask remains upright and the inside stays facing away from others...but do what makes the most sense to you! Enjoy and be safe!

This mask chain is silver-fill (sterling silver plated) with steel clips. Most mask chains are 25 inches long, though if you have any specific length or color/material requests not offered here, please contact Sloth and Squirrel directly for a custom order.

Mask sold separately.